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Five Potential Water Damage Issues To Look Out For Before you Buy A Home

water damage restoration stanton, water damage stanton, water damage repair stantonBuying a home is a huge investment and a massive step forward (especially for first-time homebuyers). However, it can also be an extremely stressful process. Buyers often have nightmares of investing their savings into a money pit that will drag them down financially. One of the ways a home can become a money pit is when it has high levels of water damage that you weren’t aware of when buying the home. 

Water Damage Restoration In Charlottesville

To help you avoid this pitfall, here are five things you should look out for when buying a home from our water damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 of Charlottesville.


While you may not always be able to see water damage, you may be able to smell it. It’s not the actual water that you’ll smell but the mold that occurs as a result of excess water in the home. Mold has a distinct musty odor. Some people make the mistake of thinking musty odors are just a result of an old home, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Rather, old homes often have water damage so musty odors are prevalent. No matter how old your home is, though, you can get rid of this odor by addressing the water source causing the mold to grow. 

Check Out The House After A Storm

If you’re seriously considering a particular house, examine the exterior immediately after a rainstorm. Where is the water flowing? What about gutter runoff? The ground should slope away from the house to avoid water damage. Also, pay special attention to any crawl spaces as well as the foundation, and feel for any dampness, as this could be a sign of water intrusion.

Take A Look At The Roof

Roofs are one of the main points of entry for water into a home. Before buying a home, make sure the roof has been professionally inspected so you know what state the roof is in and don’t have any surprises and costly water damage restoration later on down the road. 

Look For Gaps In Windows And Door Frames

You can do this without even entering the home. Walk around the perimeter and closely inspect all the windows and doors. Primarily, you should be looking for gaps between the doors/windows and the wall, peeling caulk, and discolored/soft wood. If you do find these issues, they don’t need to be a deal-breaker but you should notify the homeowner so the damage is factored into the sale price of the house. 


If you can’t see or smell water damage, you may be able to hear it. As you go throughout your home, listen for sounds of dripping or running water. These sounds warrant further investigation to see if you need water damage restoration services. 

Don’t let yourself get in a bad situation by buying a home with expensive water damage issues! Give the water damage restoration experts a call at Restoration 1 of Charlottesville today for a home inspection or to deal with any water damage problems you may have at present. 

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