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Keeping Your Home Safe From Water Damage During A Storm

water damage restoration charlottesville, water damage cleanup charlottesville, water damage repair charlottesvilleLarge storms are one of the most common reasons for water damage within a home. However, there is a lot you can do to significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening. From our water damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 of Charlottesville, here are six tips for keeping your home safe from water damage during a storm and avoiding high restoration costs. 

Water Damage Restoration In Charlottesville

Clear Loose Tree Limbs

Loose tree limbs are just asking to be picked up by high winds and sent flying toward your home. Anytime you know a storm with high winds is imminent you should search your yard for loose tree limbs and clear them from your yard. If you have any dead trees in your yard you should also be cautious of limbs snapping off during the storm as well.

Secure Outdoor Furniture

Heavy winds can cause items like patio furniture and large toys to damage the exterior of your home. It’s a good idea to anchor outdoor furniture or bring it indoors before a storm hits. You should also move anything in your yard that can become flying debris inside your house or garage.

Secure Fences

Just like you should make sure there are no tree limbs or outdoor furniture pieces that pose a threat to your home, you should do the same with any fencing around your yard. Make sure all the fence posts are properly secured and aren’t at risk from being lifted up by high winds.

Protect Your Valuables

This goes for anything of value to you that is in danger of being damaged by the storm. Items that are especially vulnerable to water deserve special consideration. A few things you can do are protecting important mementos in waterproof containers, elevating valuable items to higher ground, and taking an inventory of all the possessions in your home so you have a reference point if your home does sustain significant water damage and needs restoration.

Clean Rain Gutters

Keeping your rain gutters clean is an extremely important element of being prepared for heavy storms. If rain gutters aren’t properly maintained, the rainwater from a storm will quickly pool and spill over the top of them. This causes water to accumulate around the foundation of your home which can lead to leaking and water damage. To prevent this, make sure you take the time to remove all the leaves and gunk from your rain gutters every few months so they are able to effectively drain rainwater away from your home during a storm.

Inspect Downspouts

Related to your rain gutters, you should also make sure the downspouts (the portion of your rain gutter where rainwater spills out of) is pointed away from your home. Additionally, it should also be located at least 5-10 feet away from your home so the water doesn’t pool too closely to your home. 

Don’t let a storm bring water damage into your home! As you follow the tips above you should be able to prevent this from happening. Nonetheless, if water damage does occur in your home, give the water damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 of Charlottesville a call for help without delay.

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