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Top Six Most Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

water damage restoration charlottesvilleWhether your business experiences a slow leak caused by an HVAC system, a flash flood caused by burst pipes, or water damage due to natural disasters, it is critical to act immediately to minimize damage to the property and business disruptions. It can be expensive to replace destroyed equipment and furniture, repair floor and roof damage, and replace lost revenue while repairing the water damage. Know what to do in the event of water damage and when to call a water damage restoration company. Your company will be back up and operating as quickly as possible if you take quick action and fix the damage.

1. Damaged Sprinkler System

All commercial organizations are legally required to have a sprinkler system and a fire alarm installed in their buildings for fire safety measures. Only when there is an excessive amount of heat from a fire can the sprinkler system be activated. The sprinkler, however, can break down and stop working overtime. Even if there is no fire, the sprinkler system could be activated, resulting in significant flooding inside the building.

2. Broken HVAC System

The HVAC system in your company is critical for controlling the temperature of your facility and keeping its employees comfortable. Studies also show your HVAC system might have an impact on your workers’ productivity. Your HVAC unit, like any other aspect of your commercial building, can develop problems including clogging and leakage. An HVAC unit that is not clean and regularly maintained can result in water damage from the extra water in the compression tanks.

3. Damaged Windows

The majority of high-rise buildings have a lot of windows. While they are an essential part of the building’s general design and layout, they also provide an easy entry point for water. Water intrusion in windows is significantly more common than many people realize, whether due to the weather or routine maintenance like window cleaning. Luckily, water damage from leaking windows in retail and commercial establishments can be easily prevented.

4. Damaged Roof

A commercial facility’s roofing system is one of the most important components. Any damage to the roof can result in water intrusion. Small water leaks can seep into the building’s lower levels, causing visible and invisible damage. Frequent roof inspections and routine maintenance by building managers could help minimize the risks of commercial water damage caused by a leaky roof. This can lower costs on water damage restoration and cleaning.

5. Natural disaster

Other than the damage to your structure’s roof and foundation, water and flood damage in office spaces can also be caused by natural catastrophes such as severe storms, hurricanes, and torrential rain which results in flash floods. Rainwater might move towards the basement of your building due to clogged drains, making it more susceptible to water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Charlottesville

Commercial water damage is a serious issue which can happen to any business owner. The restoration experts at Restoration 1 of Charlottesville can assist with cleanup easily and expertly. Allow our water damage experts to repair your commercial property. With quick services and emergency response, you will be back to business as usual in no time. For the best flood and water damage restoration in Charlottesville, contact Restoration 1 today to learn more.

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