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Five Common Causes Of Sewer Damage In Charlottesville

sewer damage charlottesville, sewer damage restoration charlottesville, sewage damage charlottesvilleSewer damage is one of the most destructive types of disasters that can occur in your home. If it does ever happen to you, it’s important that you call a company that specializes in sewage damage restoration like we at Restoration 1 of Charlottesville for help without delay. To help you prevent such a disaster from occurring, here are five of the most common causes of sewage damage. 

Sewage Damage In Charlottesville

Damaged Pipes

Damaged pipes are one of the worst causes of sewer and water damage. Even a small crack in a pipe can lead to a major sewage disaster. Moreover, if you live in an area common to earthquakes or other ground disturbances, your pipes are more likely to sustain damage. 

Clogged Pipes

A lot of things get flushed down the toilet — a lot more than should be flushed down it! The fact of the matter is, however, that sewer lines are not garbage disposals are only capable of flushing down a limited set of things. Anything other than human waste and toilet paper should be disposed of somewhere other than the toilet.

Pouring Grease Down A Drain

It’s a surprisingly prevalent myth that running hot water while pouring grease will flush it out of your pipes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As the grease cools it hardens and causes a blocked pipe (and major mess) for you. Pouring grease down your drain can cause a sewage backup because it solidifies into a barrier. This barrier will trap all sorts of other waste, and in time close the pipe off completely. Grease is sticky and will trap even things that shouldn’t cause any problems. A grease clog can form even farther down the pipe. Clogs like this can be extremely difficult to fully get rid of and can even cause damage to the pipes.

Out-Of-Control Tree Roots

One of the worst, and most unexpected, types of sewer damage is when a tree root breeches a sewage pipe and causes it to flood. The difficult thing about this hazard is that it’s difficult to know exactly where your tree roots are and how close they are to your pipes. 

Overly Curious Children

Last of all, curious children are known for causing a whole host of disasters, and sewage damage is no exception. Typically, this happens when kids try to flush things down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed leading to a clog. However, there are plenty of other things they can do that may lead to damage as well. 

For as bad as a sewage damage disaster can be, calling for professional help as soon as possible will help you to mitigate the severity of the damage. Moreover, looking for the warning signs listed above will also help you prevent sewage damage in the first place or stop the damage more quickly.

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