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Sewer Damage Dangers In Your Charlottesville Home

sewage damage charlottesville, sewage restoration charlottesville, sewage repair charlottesvilleWater backup occurs when water or water-borne materials back up into your home through sewers, drains, a sump pump, or related equipment. Recurring clogs can be one reason that sewer lines keep backing up. You’ll experience persistent clogs if things like oil, grease, hair, “flushable” wipes, or other items keep entering your drains and sewer line.

To avoid clogs, simply avoid letting these items go down your drains and toilet. You can also install drain catches throughout your home to help catch items before they go down a drain. After clearing clogs, you can continue having sewer line backups if your sewer line is cracked or damaged. That’s because a cracked sewer line can let roots, dirt and rocks in, creating a new blockage and forcing your wastewater to back up into your home (because it has nowhere else to go).

Sewer Damage In Charlottesville

Risks From The Debris

Pathogens are any microorganisms that can cause illness in humans.This sewer “water” is extremely dirty and contains pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and amoebas. While the bacteria that naturally live in the human gut are non-pathogenic inside the body, they can be pathogenic if they are ingested through physical or airborne contact with the nose, mouth, or open cut once they have left the body as waste. 

Plus, raw sewage is an ideal medium for many other dangerous organisms that grow outside the body. For example, botulism,  E-coli, salmonella,  intestinal amoebas, and cholera can be carried in raw sewage.

Since these materials combine and react in the plumbing system, all residential sewage leaks should be considered hazardous and an emergency. An experienced team is needed to handle a “black water” emergency because of the high toxicity levels. You need a quick response time and proper safety equipment. 

If you’ve had a sewer leak in your home, be proactive; this is not an everyday DIY clean-up. Call a quality clean up team in Charlottesville- Restoration 1

Who Should I Call?

Of course you need to address the physical plumbing structure that failed and allowed the leak, but you need to contact a full service restoration team to immediately deal with potential contamination. 

Our black water restoration crew can provide the latest in high tech tools to conduct a thorough inspection of the property, determine the extent of the damage and efficiently decontaminate your home. Experienced technicians will  use proper personal protective equipment (PPE), proper skin protection (Tyvek coveralls), hand protection (exam gloves and/or leather gloves), goggles, and respirators. Containment will be set up as needed to limit the risk of secondary damage to unaffected areas of the location. You won’t want someone tracking that “stuff” onto your carpet and through your house.

 When choosing a contractor, look for  IICRC certified technicians to complete tests to ensure proper drying and removal of all toxic materials. You will have the best chance of recovering your items with a full service contractor. 

If Your Sewer Has Problems in Charlottesville

No matter the cause, when you have uncontrolled sewer water in your home you need help right now. Our team is available 24/7 to clean up your problems fast. The water damage cleanup experts at Restoration 1 of Charlottesville will quickly identify the source, make all repairs and restore all materials. The experienced water damage cleanup team knows steps that the average homeowner may not know to take, that can keep your family safe from germs and reduce the overall costs of restoration.

Here, Restoration1 has compiled a disaster checklist to help you prepare for the unexpected. And if you suffer sewer or water damage, our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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