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Professional Equipment for Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup in CharlottesvilleTo properly deal with water damage restoration, you must invest in companies who use high-end equipment to produce the highest quality results. A company that utilizes the proper equipment will provide you with superior service and finish the work quickly. If you are from Charlottesville, you might already be familiar with Restoration 1 of Charlottesville. They are a water damage cleanup company with high-end professional-grade equipment. Call them for a professional and top-notch cleanup job.

Please keep reading to learn about some of the most vital equipment needed for a water damage site.

Water Damage Cleanup in Charlottesville

Air Blower

Air blowers deserve more praise than they’ve received thus far. Water damage cleanup contractors rely on axial and centrifugal fans to remove humid air from dehumidifiers and provide drier working conditions.

They work along with dehumidifiers to dry out areas like:

  • Drywall.
  • Flooring. 
  • Carpet. 
  • Other essentials.

Do you need an air mover/blower? Please keep the following points in mind before buying it:

  • Buy axial flow blowers if you intend to dry walls, carpets, etc.
  • Buy centrifugal blowers to dry more difficult areas like cabinets and behind-the-stuff spaces. 
  • Also, invest in stackable equipment to create more room in your transport truck.


When it comes to dealing with water damage, standard basement dehumidifiers aren’t up to the task. 

Most restoration contractors need commercial LGR dehumidifiers since they are more powerful.

Furthermore, these dehumidifiers are lightweight, portable, and can withstand situations that your standard dehumidifiers cannot.

Self-Propelled Containers for Waste Disposal

Debris control is essential for any restoration professional, whether you’re just starting or seeking to increase productivity. Also, self-propelled dump containers are indispensable when removing water-damaged debris from a job site. In addition, lifting dehumidifiers and other drying equipment to first or second-story windows is also a beneficial application for them.

Moisture detectors

Normally, dehumidifiers are equipped with a digital meter which displays the humidity and moisture values. However, using an older model, you will need separate moisture detectors.

They are small and portable, so purchasing one before starting your truck for the next job is wise. 

Other equipment

Using a combination of the goods is likely your best bet if you want to be successful. So, keep an eye on the following product. You may need to purchase it in future:

DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier

The DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier, like its LGR cousin, is best suited for plumbers and carpet cleaners, but it is also a good choice for general dehumidification.

So, if you are looking for a general-purpose dehumidifier, you should go for an LGR dehumidifier like Storm SLGR 1600X.


When it comes to water damage rehabilitation, every second counts; please ensure you contact someone who’s prepared with the necessary tools and equipment. Only then can you get the best results in the face of a water disaster. 

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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