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Immediate Steps To Handle Water Damage Effectively

water damage cleanup charlottesvilleWater damage can come upon a home quickly without much of a warning. It can be extremely devastating, especially when considering the amount of loss that can come from it. No matter the cause of the damage, it can cause major issues rapidly. Mold begins to grow within 24 hours and invades your home. Not only that, but water creates problems within the structural integrity of your home, weakening the building itself. It can become a dangerous problem quickly if not handled properly. 

Water Damage Cleanup – Charlottesville

There are a few immediate steps that should be taken as soon as water damage hits your home in order to minimize the damage. 

Cut Off The Flow Of Water

Before something happens, try to locate the water shutoff valves in your home. That way, when water damage does hit your home, you are able to stop the flow of water. If the water is coming from inside the home, it is likely coming from a burst pipe or appliance malfunction. With that being said, it’s important to take extreme caution when doing this. 

Proceed With Caution

Wading through water can pose a lot of issues, especially depending on where the water is coming from. There are three types of water: clean water, gray water, and black water. Clean water is water that is safe for you to be around such as well water, purified water, and city water. Gray and black water are where the danger lies. Gray water is untreated, used water from sinks, washing machines, and showers, while black water is wastewater from toilets or contains harsh chemicals. Both types of water can cause serious illnesses, so it is imperative to be aware of the pollution level from the source of the flood. No matter the case, both types require safety equipment and proper knowledge to be dealt with appropriately.

Be sure to ensure that the water is not charged with electricity as well. If you can safely access the circuit breaker panel, shut off the circuits in the affected areas, then unplug anything in these areas. If any of these are a concern, leave the premises and contact professionals to assist you. 

Protect Valuables

If the home is safe to stay in, move any valuables away from affected areas to prevent further damage. The less restoration work you need on your items, the better off you are. Porous items in your home, such as furniture and rugs, will soak up the water and become the perfect breeding ground for mold. 

Contact Professionals

Water damage cleanup is a stressful situation to put yourself in, especially if you have never experienced it. As stated previously, floods can cause serious harm to your health if you attempt water damage restoration on your own. If you are unsure of the level of pollution of water present in your home, how badly the water damage is, or just need help with the water damage restoration, professionals at Restoration 1 have the knowledge and experience to get the job done efficiently.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

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