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How To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home

water damage cleanup charlottesvilleUnfortunately, there is a good chance that water damage will occur in your home one day whether you are prepared for it or not. It’s important to get ahead of the curve by preparing for this by understanding what causes it and how to prevent it. 

Water Damage Cleanup Charlottesville

Causes Of Water Damage

Before trying to understand how to prevent water damage and the cleanup that is sure to follow, it’s important to know what causes it in the first place. In your home, there are internal and external factors to watch for. Internally, pipes can leak or burst, toilets can be clogged, or appliances may malfunction. Unchecked pipes or appliances are hazards when left neglected. Blockages are the main reasons for malfunctions such as hair, waste, or other buildups like soap and chemicals. Additionally, corrosion can be another factor, weakening the integrity of pipes. Other reasons for in-house issues can also be malfunctioning air conditioners, other faulty appliances (such as a refrigerator), and leaky plumbing systems. 

Externally, there are other factors that can affect your home. Unfortunately, these are less controllable factors that you need to be prepared for. Weather conditions can clog gutters, burst pipes from frozen water, and flood yards. It’s important to turn off outdoor water sources, clean gutters consistently, and figure out a way to lead excess water away from the home if possible. Fortunately, these are all preventable factors if you are properly prepared, internally and externally. 

How To Prevent Water Damage

Now that you understand some causes of water damage, you can properly create preventative measures to lower the possibility of damaging your home. Knowing that damage can come from inside and outside of the home, it’s important to go over each individually, as there are different preventative measures for each type. 


Arguably, the most important part of your home is the main water shut-off valve. This valve controls all of the water in your home, and you must use it to shut your home’s entire water source off. In any sort of emergency, you need to know where this is immediately so that you can quickly shut it off when necessary. 

Appliances are one of the biggest culprits of water damage inside the home, especially when left unchecked and neglected. It is essential to take constant care of all of the appliances in your home to ensure that they are properly working. This includes clogged toilets/sinks, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwasher hoses, air conditioners, and hot water heaters. Make sure that all of these machines are well maintained and that any parts, such as hoses, are replaced regularly. If any of these hoses or pipes have leaks, it’s important not to put that on the back burner for another day. Another small thing that you can incorporate into your habits is checking the water pressure. You need to constantly make sure that the pressure isn’t too high or too low. You also need to know the normal water pressure for your home (most homes stay between 40-60 PSI). 


Gutters are the most essential feature of your home to keep water away from your home. Consequently, you need to make sure that these gutters are clear of any blockages and are working properly. You will probably need to clean them out at least twice a year, possibly more depending on how much foliage is surrounding your home. 

You will also need to make sure that, when the weather is transitioning from hot to cold, hoses are disconnected and water sources are turned off to prevent freezing. Freezing water in pipes or hoses can lead to bursts. 

After doing as many preventative measures as possible on your own, it’s important to know when to call a professional. You may not be able to complete all the tasks on your own, or professionals will be able to think of more preventative measures that you may not have thought of. The last thing you want to deal with is water damage cleanup, so contacting professionals at Restoration 1 can lift that stress off your shoulders.

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